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Saturday, December 17, 2005

The English Debate - Thoughts

So, yes, I did the four hour vigil again last night in front of the telly. It was a little more entertaining than the previous night. And, yes, I enjoyed it. Here are some of my random thoughts:

Is it just me or was Jack Layton the only one whose microphone ever got cut off? Wait, let me put it another way. The only speaker whose micrphone NEVER got cut off was Paul Martin. I kind of thought he talked too long at least a couple of times. So why didn't he get cut off? I could be wrong, but it did seem a little suspicious to me.

I really chuckled at one point when Stephen Harper actually started a comment off with the word "Notwithstanding"! Priceless... I think an ad should be made of that.

Also, did that spaz really call Martin a flip-flopper??? How HILARIOUS is that? I swear, Harper really needs to hire campaign advisors who DIDN'T work for Bush. It's ridiculous.

As much as the pundits think Martin's tirade on Duceppe was "staged", I thought it was pretty powerful myself. That's a clip I could watch again and again and, at the end, still go "Yeah!"

I'm usually never that impressed with Paul Martin, but he held his own pretty well last night considering he was being constantly bashed from three sides. Maybe the other leaders should consider that it could get him a sympathy vote? I don't think people really feel comfortable watching that kind of incessant bashing. They said as much when the topic of the behaviour during Question Period on the floor came up. But I'm female, so maybe it's just my nature to want to defend the person being attacked...

I'm glad Martin got the dig in on Harper's speech from 1997 about the country in theory and in practice. Too bad most people wouldn't have understood it.

I did pick up on something though, and I'll make a prediction right now that the Martin people have uncovered something juicy about who has donated to Harper's leadership campaign. Did you catch that part? When Martin asked Harper to tell who contributed? It sounded to me very much like a warning that they've got something on him. I wonder when they'll let that information "leak" out. I can't wait to find out, I've been convinced for a while now that American money is making it's way to Harper somehow. If the Liberals have something like THAT? Well, say goodbye to Mr. Harper and hello to a Liberal majority.

You know, this could make for a juicy campaign after all... Or is that just wishful thinking on my part?


Blogger Ogilvie said...

Much more serious than money going to campaigns from American general interest groups is the money that comes from American (and other) lobby groups on a regular basis in order to influence Canadian policy. One of those lobby groups is Earnscliffe Strategy Group, which is closely tied to Paul Martin. Scott Reid, the beer and popcorn man,and Martin's director of communications, worked for Earnscliffe.The Auditor General found contracts for $200,000 where no written reports were filed.

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