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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Well, who would have ever guessed that I, of all people, would be excited about a Conservative government in this country! But I am and I'll tell you why...

It's for the greater good really. I fully suspect that over the next 18-24 months, Stephen Harper will show his true colours. The Liberals will get their act together and elect Frank McKenna as leader of the party and we will have a Liberal majority again very soon. In the meantime, there is very little risk that Harper's extreme agenda will get through (if he's even dumb enough to try it) with a good majority of the seats being held by left-leaning parties in the house. I kind of hope Harper pulls a stunt or two, that will make for great talking points in a future campaign and will help to bring him down even more!

Also, with the destruction of Bush in the States over this time period, Harper won't be able to rely on his neo-con friends to help prop up his agenda, because they are going down hard. Although if he's dumb enough to try it, then bring it on! All that will do is send the religious right scattering back into the woodwork for another 10 years, which is exactly what this continent needs. And exactly what I want to happen.

All Canadians on the left should view the election results last night as the best thing that could ever happen for the future of this country. Short term pain for long term gain, that's what it's all about and we will come out stronger in the end.

Unlike the States, Canadians can fend off a right-wing infiltration because about 70% of us are dead set against it. And as I said to a friend this morning, Canadians can say, "Screw you!" better than any country in the world...

I can hardly stand the anticipation. I love this country!

What will be REALLY interesting over the coming days though, is whether or not Harper will be stupid enough to fire Frank McKenna and free up the guy who will cause his future downfall. That's what we need to watch for. If he does fire Frank, I'll be dancing in the streets because that is what will start the ball rolling. One could then say at some point in the future, "Well, Harper did it to himself. He should have left Frank right where he was..." How delish.


Blogger shergald said...

Contrarian views are often conciliatory, but one can only hope your message resonants with truth.

3:07 PM  
Blogger Ogilvie said...

As you no doubt already know, McKenna resigned yesterday, so your dream team is about to get its dream leader. And if I may for a moment impose my "extreme right-wing views" on you for a moment: You have a good blog. Don't lower the tone of your written work, as you have done, by using the F-word.

9:15 PM  
Blogger Emmajoe said...

For you Ogilvie, I will change it... :) I appreciate the comments.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Lone Primate said...

It's too bad Frank's not going for it. Oddly enough, the only person who, in recent years, has made me actually consider voting Tory, is another New Brunswicker, Bernard Lord. That speech he gave a few years ago was electrifying. If he wound up Tory leader, I'd give serious consideration to voting Conservative. Something about the pragmatism of the Maritimes, I guess. :)

11:44 AM  
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