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Friday, February 17, 2006

Oscar Medellin: The guy standing beside Cheney?

Cheney mentions him as being in the hunting party (he found the second covey), but there is no further mention of him being interviewed or providing an affadavit.

From here:

Mr. Cheney told me that on Saturday, February 11, 2006 at approximately 5:30 pm on the Armstrong Ranch that there was a three vehicle hunting party that consisted of himself, Bo Hubert, Pam Willeford, Jerry Medellin, Katharine Armstrong, Sarita Armstrong Hixon, Harry Whittington, and Oscar Medellin.

So there were eight people in the hunting party (well, eight people at the scene anyway...)

So, there are 3 Medellin's involved:

  1. Jerry (Gerardo) Medellin who was identified in one of the reports as the "hunting guide". But so was Bo Hubert! Can a hunting party with 8 people have two hunting giudes? I guess...

  2. Oscar Medellin who Cheney mentions as being with Bo Hubert and having identified the second covey and never mentioned again...

  3. Ramiro Medellin, the guy who used to be a sheriff, now works at the ranch and was the guy who the current Sheriff called to find out what happened. It was Ramiro Medellin who called the Sheriff back and said it was an accident. That was when he made the decision not to go out until the next morning (sounds like, anyway...)

Also, if you read all of the accounts, it sounds like Jerry Medellin, Kathering Armstrong and Sarita Hixon were hanging out in the vehicles while the other "group of 5" were hunting! But how does that jive with one of the reports indicating that Jerry (Gerardo) Medellin was the hunting guide?

So what happened to Oscar? Why no mention of him from anyone else doing the investigation?

(FYI, I found an Oscar Medellin who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 1999 from Texas A&M. If this is the guy, he sounds young - mid to late 20's?)

Anyway, it's all kind of bizarre, I think...


Blogger J.R. Kinnard said...

Just found your site through dKos. Interesting stuff.

Speaking as an American, I can say the whole Cheney affair is very troubling. Obviously, the mainstream media considers the matter closed (they actually seem to have bought Cheney's "heartfelt" apology), but many Americans feel something nefarious is taking place. This is the product of secrecy. My guess; Cheney and his buddies drank a few too many beers and boom...accidental shooting. Typical American behavior, unfortunately. But if you wait a day to mention anything, give conflicting statements, and refuse to talk to the local authorities, you have to expect conspiracy theories.

What a sad joke this country has become.

4:51 PM  
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Anonymous Matt said...

Hey, move on, hunting accidents have nothing to do with Anglo Saxon conspiracies of world domination. They happen all the time. Lots every year.
Snap out of it.

10:56 PM  
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