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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Plamegate Revisited - Tatel's redaction partially revealed

Remember the United States Court of Appeals decision on the subpoenas for Judith Miller and Matt Cooper? And the subsequent opinions from the Judges? Remember that a big chunk of Circuit Court Judge Tatel's opinion was redacted?

Well, through an FOIA request by the Wall Street Journal, some of that opinion that had been redacted has been released. Of course, there is still a fair bit redacted (likely to do with Rove as he hasn't been indicted yet), but it does make for a good read.

Here is the link to the newly released information.

I took the liberty of comparing it to the document that was already released and the parts that have been added back in consist mostly of pages 72 (starting with the last paragraph on the page) through 81 (ending with the first paragraph at the top of the page.

There was really only one thing I read that was news to me. Do you recall how it was mentioned that Libby's handwritten notes had the fact that Cheney told him who Plame was in mid-June in a meeting? Remember how everyone (right down to Chris Matthews, blech) was shocked to hear that someone like Libby would actual write down all this stuff? Well, it wasn't Libby who wrote it at all, according to Tatel. Here is the quote:

The special counsel's argument is persuasive. As Libby admits, in mid-June 2003, when reports first appeared about the Niger trip, the vice president informed Libby "in an off sort of curiosity sort of fashion" that the Niger envoy's wife worked at the CIA's counterproliferation division. (I-50-55, 245-46.) In addition, handwritten notes by Libby's CIA briefer indicate that Libby referred to "Joe Wilson" and "Valerie Wilson" in a conversation on June 14. (8/27/04 Aff. at 12.)

So there you have it, Libby didn't keep handwritten notes, his CIA briefer did, whoever that may be. My bet is that whoever it was is currently unemployed...


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